Rose Petals For Beautiful Pink Lips

Soft, pink and adorable lips are desired by every girl. However, pollution, food habits and lifestyle are the main factors why we aren’t able to retain the baby pink lips we were born with. Lips should retain its natural colour. Dark lips spoil the beauty of the face. So it is important to take care of the health of the lips too. Given below are a few tips to restore the pink colour of the lips, naturally and at home.

To obtain beautiful pink lips firstly the dead cells from the lips have to be removed. Only then the rose petals can have an impact on them. The dead cells are the reason for the dark colour of the lips. Using a natural scrubber of honey and sugar gently exfoliate the dead skin on the lips. And now try the below said recipes with rose petals.

Recipe 1:


Fresh Rose petals – 4-5

Milk – 2 tablespoon

Bowl – 1

Pestle and Mortar – to grind

Cotton cloth – a small piece (if required)


Wash the rose petals thoroughly well with water.

In a bowl soak the petals in milk for over three hours.

Now remove the petals from the milk.

Grind them in a pestle and mortar by adding a few drops of milk.

The paste should be neither too thick nor too watery. It should spread nicely.

Now apply the paste onto your lips.

If the paste is a little watery, you can spread a small piece of cloth on your lips.

Leave it for fifteen minutes.

Now wash it cold water.


You can try this method almost daily.


Wash the rose petals thoroughly with water if it is a farm-grown one. The reason behind is the use of various chemicals while it is grown. However, homegrown flowers can be used for a safer option. Use the most scented rose that is pink in colour for better results. Such roses are used in cosmetic and beauty treatments.

Recipe 2:


Rose flowers – two to three

Water – Half a cup

Bowl – 1

Strainer – 1

Airtight container – 1

Cotton swab – 1


First wash the flowers thoroughly well.

Extract the petals from the flower.

Throw away the stem and middle part.

Now in a mixer add a little water and grind the petals.

Now extract the pulp and squeeze it in a strainer to obtain the juice.

The juice obtained is concentrated. You can dilute it with water or milk.

Now apply the juice to your lips with a cotton swab.

Reapply a few times as it dries. Leave it for ten minutes.

Clean with normal water.

Refrigerate the remaining juice in an airtight container, for future use.


You can try this method almost daily.

Why it works:

Rose petals are a natural moisturizer and contain anti-inflammatory properties. They contain natural oils in them. Further, they have the colour pigmentation. Milk contains natural fats that add shine to your lips. Both rose and milk help lock the moisture of the lips.

Follow this recipe till you observe the results as natural remedies take time. And avoid any habits that harm the lips, like smoking, alcohol and usage of cheap lipsticks and lip balms.


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